So Money - Episode 138

Josh Levs

Author of All In

In anticipation of Father’s Day this year (mark your calendars – Sunday, June 21!), I’d like to dedicate today’s episode to dads… and recognize that fathers these days are more emotionally and physically involved on the home front than ever before!

Today’s guest is Josh Levs, a perfect guest to help us celebrate fatherhood. He is the author of the brand new book All In: How Our Work Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses – and How We Can Fix it Together. Did you know that half of all working dads would rather stay home if their spouses made enough money to live on? And just like mothers, dads struggle with work-life balance and doing it all!

In addition to being an author, Josh is an award-winning broadcast journalist who often writes and speaks about modern fatherhood… and spent almost a decade reporting for CNN on air and online, and serving as the network’s “truth seeker in chief”. Prior to CNN, he worked as a reporter for NPR. His many prizes include six Peabody awards, two Edward R. Murrow awards, and a designation as a Journalist of the Year from the Atlanta Press Club.

Most importantly, Josh is a devoted father of three… who delivered his own son, unplanned, when his wife skipped labor and gave birth in their bedroom!

On and get this – he also filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against his employer, CNN’s parent company Time Warner, demanding equitable paid paternity leave and essentially winning the claim a year later….And he did this WHILE he worked there.

Three takeaways from our interview:

— Why he thinks companies are resistant to giving employees equal opportunities when it comes to parental leave. Are we still stuck in the 50s?

— How parents can fight for policy change in their own workplace.

— And how Josh personally reduces his taxes by as much as possible!

If you’d like to learn more about Josh Levs, visit his website and follow him on Twitter @JoshLevs.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “It’s so important for workers in this country to know that we have rights.” – Click to Tweet


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