So Money - Episode 601

Joanne Bradford

Chief Marketing Officer of SoFi

How do you go from being a C-student to c-suite at a company? Chief Marketing Officer Joanne Bradford of SoFi is on So Money® sharing her journey of how she climbed the ranks of corporate America despite her challenges as a student. SoFi is an online personal finance company that provides people with student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. Co-founder Dan Macklin has been a guest on the show before (EP 261).

Joanne‘s role at SoFi is to oversee its consumer-facing functions including marketing, business development, partnerships and member services. Prior to SoFi, she worked at Pinterest where she led global commercial and content partnerships, platform adoption and monetization efforts. Joanne also held executive leadership positions at Yahoo!, The San Francisco Chronicle and BusinessWeek. She’s also on the board of CARE, which provides aid to the poor around the world and a founding advisor to Lean In.

In our interview Joanne also dives into how she manages to save 90% of her income — 90%!

If you’d like to learn more about Joanne and SoFi visit or follow them on Twitter @SFJoanneor @SoFi.

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