So Money - Episode 492

Eric Dunn

CEO of Quicken Inc.

Are you one of those people who relies on technology to help track your spending and pay your bills in a timely manner? Perhaps you’re using the software Quicken? Well today the company’s CEO, Eric Dunn is joining me on So Money. He’s been an avid user since 1985 and was with the company since it’s early days – even writing some of Quicken’s early code! He joined Intuit, Quicken’s previous owner, back in 1986 as employee #4.

Over the course of his 20 years at Intuit he served as CFO through the 1993 IPO and merger with ChipSoft, was the first general manager of the Quicken business and was Intuit’s first CTO. In 2000,Eric retired from Intuit to pursue a second career in technology investing. He was first an angel investor and then a General Partner at Cardinal Venture Capital. Eric has expertise serving on the board of directors at dozens of companies, including 5 public companies. Earlier this year, he became the CEO of Quicken Inc, the standalone private company, after teaming up with H.I.G. Capital which bought the company.

In our discussion we learn about…

  • Eric‘s incredible perspective and insight into the fintech space. Having started Quicken more than 30 years ago, how has the product evolved to keep up with the changing times? How does it plan to stay competitive?
  • What it takes to make a successful product today serving people’s financial needs. (in case you were interested!)
  • Eric‘s biggest money mistake. It involves the stock market…

If you’d like to learn more about Quicken visit their website or follow him on Twitter @Quicken.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I’m a do it yourself person and in order to enable that, I tend to keep things simple.” – Click To Tweet

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