So Money - Episode 1105

Dr. Hans Boateng

The Investing Tutor

If you’re looking at the stock market and wondering why it’s not suffering as much as the economy, my guest can explain. Dr. Hans Boateng is also known as The Investing Tutor and he dedicates his work to teaching others how to analyze and engage wisely in the stock market. Dr. Hans shares his methodology for picking winning stocks (not something we recommend if you aren’t already investing for retirement through a diversified portfolio in your 401k or IRA). But if you’re ready to “play” in the market with some extra cash that you don’t absolutely need, Dr. Hans has a strategy for us.

More about Dr. Hans: He was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. He earned his Path of Distinction MBA from William and Mary and holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from St. John Fisher College. After he discovered how rich families built their fortune using the stock market, he decided to become an investor. He has read over 400 books, 40,000 financial articles and spent 11 years pursuing mastery. Dr. Hans has impacted the lives of countless professionals and placed many families on the path to Generational Wealth.

You can learn more about Dr. Hans and his teachings at

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