So Money - Episode Bonus

Digital Banking Scams and How to Protect Your Money

Farnoosh Torabi

This episode is brought to us in partnership with Zelle.

When was the last time you used cash? Or even pulled out your wallet to pay for something? The pandemic has led to a higher adoption of payment apps and has only accelerated the growth in the industry. Cash may be King or Queen…but paper money is going the way of the dinosaur – fast. According to a new survey by Zelle, today more than 80% of consumers either use or plan to use P2P services – and nearly 1/5 (19%) of consumers began or plan to use P2P during the pandemic. You’re probably familiar with many of the P2P payments currently on the market including Zelle, the one that I use often. And while convenient, we need to be careful.

Our guest is the COO of Zelle, Donna Turner and she’ll walk us through the safe ways to use peer to peer payments, and we’ll touch on some of the unfortunate scams that have made the news, fraud cases that have victimized users…and how to avoid them or seek a resolution.

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