So Money - Episode 565

Chris Winfield

Productivity Expert & Entrepreneur

Who doesn’t want to be able to work LESS and accomplish MORE? Our guest today is Chris Winfield, a productivity expert on a mission to help everyone get their work done in less than half the time. You’re not going believe him. He says he can teach us all to get 40 hours of work done in just 16.7. And for those of you who are NOT morning people (like me), Chris is certain you can wake up excited and motivated at 5am.

Chris helps successful entrepreneurs and executives decrease the time the spend working but by increasing their productivity. He has experience working with big name brands including Disney, Macy’s Viacom among many others. His work has been featured in national publications like the WSJ, NYT and CNN. Chris also hosts his own podcast, The Deconstructing Success podcast. I encourage you to go take a listen.

  • Chris  gives me invaluable advice and small actions for writing a big, overwhelming speech ahead of time.
  • He also shares the secret to getting more done in less time. He walks me through the Pomodoro Technique and the power of 25 minute work sessions.
  • And if you do some of your best thinking while you dream (like me), Chris shares how to capture those ideas and make them a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about Chris visit or follow him on Twitter @chriswinfield.

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