So Money - Episode 781

Chanie Wilschanski

CEO of DiscoverED Consulting

Imagine being at the grocery checkout with little kids. You’re desperate to leave because one kid’s crying and the other is hungry. And then, your credit card gets denied. And the next credit card. And this is food you need to prepare dinner.

Our guest today experienced this and made two vows to herself when that happened. The first was to never run out of money again. The second: to never go grocery shopping again. She’s managed to do both quite well.

I’m honored to welcome Chanie Wilschanski to the show. She’s a teacher turned entrepreneur, mom to four kids and the breadwinner in her marriage.

We discuss her turning points in her career and life, managing money and responsibilities in her big family as the breadwinner and advice for women who may be unsure about simultaneously pursuing a career AND parenthood.

Chanie Wilschanski is an early childhood leadership coach and CEO of DiscoverED Consulting.

You can learn more about Chanie on her website and follow her on Facebook.

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