So Money - Episode 702

Cathryn Lavery

Co-Founder BestSelf Co.

How many of you use a physical journal to track your goals or just share how your day went? Journaling is a total art and our guest today, Cathryn Lavery, has found a way to make this old school past time new and fresh again. In fact, she’s built an 8-figure empire called BestSelf Co., selling paper journals and other organizational tools for productivity and focus.

But 2017, Cathryn says, was the hardest year of her life. It included a divorce and total burn out. Cat comes to the show on the heels of a retreat in Thailand where she unplugged from social media, did a complete detox and walked away with some new perspectives on life and work.

We also go back in time to explore the money principals learned as a young girl growing up in Belfast and the hard life lesson she learned as soon as she arrived in New York to start her job.

Cathryn is also a genius at Kickstarter. If anyone listening wants to run a fund-raising campaign and master that space, she has some advice.

To learn more about Cathryn visit + or follow her on Twitter @CathrynLavery.

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