So Money - Episode 887

Ask Farnoosh: How to Talk to My BF About His Finances?

Farnoosh Torabi and Kim Autore

How to talk money with your partner when you suspect he or she isn’t managing their finances properly? How to build you own savings when you’re supporting your parents? And where is the best place to start investing?
Answering your money questions this week with co-host, Kim Autore, an avid So Money listener.

More about Kim: She is a listener from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has followed SoMoney for the last two years while hustling to catch up on her personal financial literacy. Kim is a Registered Dietitian by trade but has worn many hats to “bring home the bacon.”
Kim is naturally a go-getter. Since finishing grad school in 2013 she bought and renovated her first house, explored professional roles in several industries, got married, and picked up a couple adventurous hobbies along the way. Anyone else up for rock climbing?

She is determined to one day have a thriving business of her own and even write a book. Long-term, Kim wants to reach an audience of young women to spread messages of empowerment, independence, and teach women the skills to advocate for what they deserve.

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