So Money - Episode 1016

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi and Greg McBride

While it may not feel all that appropriate to talk about money at a time when human lives are at stake, the coronavirus is taking a toll on our finances…and fear hath taken over. The stock market suffered one of its worst declines this week and many of you have been writing in asking about how to manage your investments, as well as how to prepare for the likelihood of a recession. This episode is dedicated to answering some of your top concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on our finances.

Joining to help steer the show is Greg McBride, CFA, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Analyst, for

With nearly a quarter-century of experience in personal finance, Greg is a subject matter expert that has the unique ability to provide both in-depth commentary and practical advice to consumers.

Through’s Money Makeover series, he has helped consumers plan for retirement, manage debt and develop appropriate investment allocations.

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