So Money - Episode 625

Alisyn Camerota

CNN Anchor and Author of "Amanda Wakes Up"

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a top news anchor on CNN, someone who has to report on what’s happening in the world right now LIVE? And, by the way, someone who has been blacklisted by Donald Trump?

Or, maybe you’re an aspiring news reporter curious about the path ahead, how to strike out on your own and stand out from the crowd?

My guest today is Alisyn Camerota is an American television journalist and novelist. She is currently co-anchoring CNN’s New Day with Chris Cuomo . She has co-anchored CNN Tonight, and served in many roles during a 16-year career at the Fox News Channel.

Alisyn’ new novel is called Amanda Wakes Up, an entertaining story of the rise, fall and rise of a young reporter working at FAIR News. The book isn’t exactly an autobiography but Alisyn says her own life did offer inspiration, which makes the behind-the-scenes stories of what happens at the news network all the more juicy. Alisyn admits there are parallels but the book is fiction.

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