So Money - Episode 585

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur & Host of Glambition Radio

Today’s guest once went to the ATM where she found out she only had $18.56 to her name. Ali Brown is here to talk about how she went from near-broke to launching a multi-million dollar business. Her rock-bottom moment came as she had left a full-time job at a small advertising agency in NYC to become an entrepreneur. At this point, most people would throw in the towel and start looking for another full-time corporate job. Not, Ali. Today she is a multi-millionaire, has over 250,000 followers and provides advice through one-on-ones, her podcast Glambition Radio and website.

Ali and I discuss …

  • How she freed herself from financial despair.
  • How she coaches her female entrepreneur clients to earn more and better price their services and products.
  • Her #1 budgeting secret that’s helped her save $200,000.

If you’d like to learn more about Ali visit or follow her on Twitter @AliBrown.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “For me, financial freedom is the knowledge that if it all went away, I could rebuild this again & again.” – Click To Tweet

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