So Money - Episode 948

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur Coach

“I think there’s more of a guilt around this for women, because we forget how new money is for us. As species, we are really the first generation in recorded history to have the freedoms that we have and the money that we have and the opportunities that we have. So this is all such a new game…We need to cut ourselves a lot more slack…I know that some of us have a lot more work to do in this world and it may happen in a different way than you’ve created it.” -Ali Brown

Ali Brown is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and coaches who has dedicated her career to empowering women entrepreneurs to create wildly successful businesses.

Her journey started when she left her New York Ad agency. She struggled at the beginning to find clients and was flat broke. She hung in there and after building it into a successful marketing communications company, she saw firsthand what worked, and what didn’t.

Now Ali helps guide other women through the ups and downs of starting their own business. Through her website and her podcast, Glambition Radio, she reaches thousands of women each day to help them take their business from tens of thousands of dollars to millions.

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