So Money - Episode 754

Adam Torabi (Dad!)

A Layoff Comeback Story

Back by popular demand, it’s my dad on So Money today!

Adam is back and he’s got a lot of details for us surrounding his career comeback. I’ve talked about it on this show in recent months that about a year and a half ago, my dad got laid off from a technology company where he had been working for over 5 years.

In fact, he and my mom moved to the West Coast from the East Coast to secure my dad’s career. There were many more job opportunities in his technology field out West and so they uprooted (at the time I was in college,) but they took my brother who was very young at the time, and moved out there for more prospects.

Then fast-forward to about a year and a half ago, he got laid off.

My dad is a highly skilled Director of Engineering. He led a worldwide team of scientists at his last company, but even he knew that his day would come. He’d been very fortunate keeping his career for so long that there were so much consolidation happening in the industry, that this fateful day of losing his job was bound to happen because of so many acquisitions, because of so many mergers, so much overlap in his industry.

And he knew that regaining his job title after this layoff and his status and his pay would be very difficult.

So how he spent the next year of his life, what he did, the activities he performed, the way that he reframed his resume, his LinkedIn, all led to a new place in his career.

He had to pivot slightly. He’s going to talk about all of that and how doing so helped basically unleash so many more opportunities for him, so much interest in him. He was fielding interviews left and right. He’s now gainfully reemployed. But how did he do it? Many of you have asked for this story, this specific story. So I’m giving it to you.

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