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Beth Kobliner

Author of "Make Your Kid a Money Genius"

“By age three, children are able to grasp economic ideas like value and exchange, that we give money to buy things we want. Those are things we can really start talking about with children at an early age.”


Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

“How can I get my mortgage company to lower my 8.5% interest rate on a $55,000 loan? I’ve been paying for the past 11 years and it hasn’t gone down.”


Amanda Steinberg

Author of "Worth It"

“[My mom] didn’t impose rules on me. She said, “As your mom, I’m supposed to give you two things… roots and wings. Roots which is knowing that you have the security of a family who loves you and wings, which is the confidence to do whatever you want.”


Emelyn Northway & Dorie Smith

Of Mercer Co-Founders

“Being a woman and navigating for the office dress codes was really tricky. We needed to look stylish. We also needed to look appropriate and a lot of the mass market brands didn’t really understand what that meant.” – Emelyn Northway


Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

“My boyfriend got relocated to Australia and has asked me to move with him. Will it hurt my career prospects in the states? What would happen to my credit card debt back here at home?”


Emily Williams

Success Coach and Entrepreneur

” I just had always had this feeling that I was meant to do something big in my life, but at that point, I started to wonder if it was ever going to actually happen. I felt like there was something wrong with me.”


Ted Gonder

Co-Founding CEO of Moneythink

“From a very early age, I associated money and savings with freedom. Instead of thinking of it as an uncool, boring thing that would prevent me from enjoying my life, I thought of saving as this awesome key to a really rich set of experiences.”


Lisen Stromberg

Author of "Work Pause Thrive"

“Many of the women I spoke to said, some of their best business deals happened on the playground…those networks aren’t necessarily business networks, they can happen in all kinds of venues now.”


Erica Keswin

Founder of The Spaghetti Project

“Companies are trying to come up with new ways to bring people together. What often gets in the way of that is technology…We’re not connecting. We could be on our email, doing our work and look up and it’s 3:00 and we hadn’t spoken to another human being all day.”