Sarah Jones

Founder of Introverted Alpha

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Do you consider yourself introverted? Is or was dating somewhat of a challenge for you? Sarah is helping introverted men in particular find lasting love. She’s the second entrepreneur that I had the fortune of interviewing at Ramit Sethi’s Forefront event earlier this fall.

Her company is called Introverted Alpha. It’s a boutique online company that helps smart introverted men attract women naturally, just by being themselves. No more being put in the friend zone. Instead, you can learn how to be invited into the boyfriend zone, as she puts it. I have an interesting talk with Sara because we want to learn all about Introverted Alpha. How does it works? Plus, her insights into the current dating landscape… should you Tinder? Should you go to a bar? How do you meet people authentically?

Also, Sarah’s southern upbringing gave us a lot of fodder with regards to her financial take on life. How she’s actually reversing some of those old-fashioned money lessons that she was brought up with, and adding a new dimension to her family’s financial legacy. It’s really an interesting story. I think she put the pieces together while we were talking during the interview. I feel like maybe we had a therapy session or something. It’s kind of awesome when that happens, right? On the show, you never know what you’re going to get.

If you’d like to learn more about Sarah visit introvertedalpha.com or follow her on Twitter @IntrovertdAlpha.

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  • My second “So Money” podcast and I can’t get enough!!! Thank you so much for having the lovely Sarah Jones on your podcast!

    It’s fascinating hearing more about you and your biz-naz Sarah!!! You really are such a fascinating person.

    The power of knowing what you want and getting it. Amen! We CAN enjoy the dance! (Yay Salsa dancing!)

    I love what you said about the guy wanting to do a yoga class too. Totally a quotable!

    You add something to the room & Enjoy the hell out of being you -Sarah J.

    I think if everyone embodied these two points…the world would be a much better place. 🙂

    Thank you both SO much for this fantastic interview. A true pleasure to listen to.