Géraldine Lepère

Founder of Comme Une Française

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I’m busting out my French on today’s episode. This week I’m releasing two interviews with two extraordinary self-made female online entrepreneurs, both happen to be students of Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch course, which by the way, I’m working my way through as we speak and it’s phenomenal. Hopefully it’s going to get me to where I want to be in the next few months launching my course.

I had the opportunity to stop by Ramit’s epic Forefront Event earlier this fall. It’s an event where he invited some 500 of his disciples and fans from all over the world to join him in New York for a weekend of connecting, events, adventure. And by the way, I had Ramit on the podcast earlier back when I was first launching, in fact episode 85. Check out that interview; very cool. I’ve also had his sister Nagina on the show, his mom Neelam. It’s a very exceptional family.

My first one-on-one from the forefront event, you’re going to hear her today is Géraldine Lepère and she is the CEO of Comme Une Francaise, an online program that teaches you all about the finer points of conversation, social graces and repartee in French. Now, why do I want her on the show? I’m a self-described Francophile, okay? And I selfishly wanted to meet her. First of all, I wanted her to rate my French, and I wanted to discover how through language, we can actually connect more authentically with French people. Because I’ve had the experience, right? Go to Paris, I’m checking into my hotel, it’s my honeymoon. I’m practicing how I’m going to greet the check in at the hotel all the way from the airport to the hotel. I’m such a nerd. I’m like, “Am I going to say salute? Am I going to say bonjour? Like what am I going to say? How do you say I want one bed instead of two beds?” and I’m going through all my high school French, or I should say college French. And I get there and I busted out my French and the woman just stares at me and responds in English.

I’ve been there. I’ve been there. So how do we sound French to the French? Géraldine has some ways that we can do this. So if you are interested, keep listening. If you’re not interested in that, keep listening anyways because you’re going to hear how she built her success through trial and error and how she thinks about money per her French upbringing and the one item in her budget for which she spares no expense.

If you’d like to learn more about Géraldine Lepère visit her website www.commeunefrancaise.com or follow her on Twitter @gelepere.

One of my favorite quots from the interview – “Nothing is owed to you especially money. You have to cherish it & make the most out of it.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Merci beaucoup Farnoosh pour cette invitation. 🙂

  • Oui In France

    Love Geraldine and was so interesting to learn her back story. Never knew she taught French to refugees. Great podcast, so happy to see her here. 😉

  • Sophie Bouvier

    Geraldine is fantastic!! Elle est FORMIDABLE, une amie showed me her site. After all my years in Paris growing up, I wished I had found her sooner. Incredibly helpful & loyal lady from Grenoble. She is tres unique, cultured and accessible. I was too bicultural, my mere Francaise. She gives you every chance to improve your French. Merci beacoup!!!

  • James Gow

    Merci Farnoosh, et Géraldine.
    Félicitations! I loved the podcast and am proud to be one of Géraldine’s students. Joyeaux Noël à vous deux.

  • Kathleen Flanagan

    Terrific to hear Geraldine on your podcast. Her business model is amazing. It is built on being very close to her clients. She responds to individual emails, little notes on occasion, and treats everyone as a unique individual. Her courses speak to the needs of people who want to become truly conversational in French. She is willing to give a lot away–see YouTube–until she wins your confidence. I’ve ended up taking all her courses and they are well worth the investment.

  • Fabio

    I loved the interview, I’ve been a student and a fan of Géraldine for some months already. I didn’t know this podcast before, but it’ll be certainly in my list from now on. Congrats to Farnoosh for the great choice & interview and to Géraldine for the amazing work.

  • Can I just give you both high fives? Wow.

    This is my first time listening to your Podcast Farnoosh and I’m hooked. I love your sense of humour and approach to interviewing. Everything flowed so well and I felt like I was a fly on the wall listening in on a private conversation between friends. Thank you both so much.

    @Geraldine. Thank you for putting your podcast on my radar. It is fascinating to learn more about you and your thoughts on life and money. (A fellow boardgames nerd!!! Let’s play some boardgames in May!!!).

    As for this interview, I’ll be making some pretty word art to share both of your golden nuggets on Facebook. Too much quotable gold here ladies.

    I particularly love your approach to money Geraldine.

    It’s about having a good life, rather than just buying “stuff”. Like you said, It’s about buying good food to be together, travel together. Have a good life, and have good memories. I 100% agree.

    I have had a cleaner for the past 6 years and we just hired someone to cook 90% of our meals for us as well. These two things have changed my day to day life dramatically. 🙂

    Another take-away: “Do the math before you plan a project.” You have to fail early so that it happens with a small group of people. Try things early with a small audience.

    Love it. This is such great advice.

    And my particular favourite, “Failure is ok, but failing early is even better.” – Farnoosh

    Thank you both for sharing a piece of yourself and helping so many others with your superpowers.