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Farnoosh Torabi

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So much to be grateful for this week, including the fact that #SoMoney turns 500! Tune in to celebrate with me! I’m going down memory lane and sharing some of the best advice from our brilliant guests – including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Barbara Stanny, Jeff Steinmann, Tim Gunn and Christine Hassler – that’s helped me live a richer life. (Not a bad way to decompress from yesterday’s food-a-thon.)

It’s also an Ask Farnoosh day, so get answers to your burning $$ questions including how to find a good tax preparer, what recourse you have if a doctor inappropriately charges you for a bill and how closing a credit card will affect your credit score.

  • aranab kumar

    Congratulations Farnoosh. I am a new listener and just started with the first 3 episodes. Since you have got 500 of them(!!!!!) I was wondering if your site could list the best episodes in terms of most downloaded/listened/commented/ super famous people(Tim ferriss/Seth/ James etc). That way it would be really easy for new fans to navigate your site and get the best of the best experience. Thank you. And hope you continue to help us with such great contents for 1000 more episodes.