Luisa Zhou

Business Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Of course you are, that’s why you listen to So Money. Well today’s guest, Luisa Zhou, is a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. She’s helping women (but don’t worry, men, you’ll learn from this podcast, too) create their dream business, career and lifestyle. Luisa created her coaching business while working a 9-5. In just 4 short months she made $106K in sales while still working full-time and built her coaching business into a 7 figure business by month 11. She also created a free Facebook community, Entrepreneurial Women which has almost 12,000 members.

In the interview we discuss how do we make the transition to being our own boss while working a 9-5? She speaks in depth about her process. Plus she speaks to some of the failures she made along the way. It wasn’t always perfect. She also shares her best advice for anyone who just wants to know how and where to start. You have an idea, you’re busy with work, maybe you’re even juggling parenting but you really, really want to shoot for the stars. So how do you make your dream a reality. She gives us some really great concrete steps. These are steps we can start taking today.

If you’d like to learn more about Luisa visit her website www.luisazhou.com or follow her on Twitter @LuisaZhou.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I always want to be in control of how much I make.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Li

    I loved hearing about Luisa’s background story and she is so inspirational! In her program now and she is one of the best business coaches I have ever hired

    • Luisa Zhou

      Thank you Li! So appreciate you and your feedback!

  • i ADORE luisa!!! this was terrific!

    • Luisa Zhou

      Thank you Tracy!

  • Linda Brogan

    So many takeaways Luisa Zhou. Was taking notes the whole time. One thing at a time and do it well. Talk to your ideal client find out what they are struggling with. Huge huge huge one ask them what they are willing to pay for. Small Facebook group. That is so implementable for my future ideas when I pull this project off. Then scaling them into your posh website business. Love it. Great simple doable plan. But like you said for now I am focusing on this. On my Reno excavation. But listening to you gave me a whole new angle to come from to ask my partners how can it be of help to them and their organisation in the long run, that way I will get more fierce commitment and support as they will be protecting their future too. I struggle with coming from an artistic angle marrying that with a bureaucrat angle. But If I could make them feel invested in what implications it will have for their future I will reduce their petty resistances, which keep eating up my hours soothing their non entreprenurial nerves. I thank you for that. And am mad as hell that your dad was ripped off for years. But glad he got his 40%. Immigrant lack of entitlement. My passion is to really investigate this. I loved listening to you and Farnoosh.

  • Lestine Bell

    Luisa is my business Coach and I love her! She’s authentic and extremely wise. The information she’s sharing in this interview is helpful. The Facebook group advice is wonderful and building an email list. I’m working on this right now. Great interview Luisa ! !!