Christine Hansen

Sleep Coach

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We’ve heard so much about the importance of sleep as of late… earlier this summer I had Arianna Huffington on the show talking about the #SleepRevolution. Sleep is trending people. Well, today I have another sleep coach joining us. Christine Hansen is with us all the way from Luxembourg. Last year, she left a career in education and now coaches successful and career driven women, and men, on how to get a solid night’s sleep. Waking up refreshed means more energy which means you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way both at work and in your personal life. Christine‘s approach involves no medication and she works to address the whole picture not just one piece of the puzzle. She’s an international expert and has been featured in numerous publications including the Huffington Post.

In the interview we discuss how does more sleep equate to more money? And how can we get more sleep once and for all? Plus, do the rich have an easier time packing in those precious 8 hours of sleep?

If you’d like to learn more about Christine or receive a free gift visit her website sleeplikeaboss.com/somoney or follow her on Twitter @byChristineH.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “As an entrepreneur you have to deal with yourself first. It’s the best experience & I know myself more than ever.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Linda Brogan

    I love listening to Christine Hansen. I follow her across the web. Bit of a stalker really. I always find out a new tip. Today’s was: so what. Don’t stress about it. Don’t go to bed stressing about you don’t get enough sleep. You got through the other days. Felt instant relief. I do tend to stress about it. But thanks to Christine’s advice, my sleep patterns are a million times better than they have been in years. I get frequent 7 hour night uninterrupted. A while back she said on another podcast ask yourself did something happen around the time your sleep became affected. Yeah, mine began the night my dad died. Unveiling that, and implementing all the other tips, like hydration, a good diet, particularly watching what I eat after a certain time of night, turning things off, mellow lighting, have contributed to these regular 7 hours. And only since this has been happening have I realised how tired I have actually been since 2003. And kind of crazy in a way. It has given me a whole new zest for life. Must mention Miss Huffington here. I added in her nice lingerie. That has helped tremendously too. And linen bedding. I think that one is mine. Thanks for another sparkling show Farnoosh with questions that open up the reality behind the expertise. Especially how hard it must be for single mums and people on low income to find or afford the time if they work two jobs.