Cary Carbonaro

Author of "The Money Queen's Guide"

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Today’s guest is a Certified Financial Planner. Cary Carbonaro is here and she’s the author of the book “The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear.” It’s an Amazon bestseller and was recently named one of the “10 best books to make you rich” by DailyWorth.

Cary has over 25 years of experience in financial services and her MBA in finance. In 2014, she was named an Ambassador for the CFP Board, one of only 50 in the U.S. She frequently appears as a guest on Fox & Friends, the TODAY Show, CNN and many other major news outlets. Cary serves as the Vice President of the Long Island chapter of Ellevate, formerly 85 Broads, a women’s professional networking organization. She currently is a managing director with United Capital and a yoga instructor in her “free” time.

Cary is going to talk about why she wanted to write, “The Money Queen’s Guide.” It’s not just because she believes that women should be financially empowered but it’s because she had a very difficult story to share with the world. It’s a story that she has learned from, that she has risen from and she is stronger because of it. But it was a very, very dark time in her life financially and emotionally. So, we explore that on the show. I was curious about why she wanted to make fear such a big part of the book. She believes women tend to have more financial fear than men. We have this nightmare, some of us, of becoming the bag lady and why is that still an issue today in 2016. I feel like women, especially modern and young women, who are going to college starting businesses, why do they still have this apprehensiveness when it comes to being wealthy and being rich and being financially secure?

If you’d like to learn more about Cary visit her website moneyqueenguide.com or follow her on Twitter @CaryCarbonaro.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “There’s so much uncertainty in life. You should be able to stand on your own feet financially no matter what.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Erin

    That drives me crazy that men are complaining that women are talking about money – LOL. I love that there is a resource that has more women POVs, opposed to many podcasts that still focus on men’s opinions on finance. Keep doing what you are doing Farnoosh!