Wendy E. Simmons

"My Holiday In North Korea" Author

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I’m so excited for today’s guest. She’s a writer, photographer and world traveler. Wendy Simmons is out with a new book that you should run — not walk — to go get after you listen to this podcast. It’s about her vacation in North Korea. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… how does one even travel there? Why would one vacation there? There’s so many questions. But the book is called My Holiday in North Korea: The Funniest/Worst Place on Earth. Wendy also has a weekly travel column featured on the Huffington Post and has written for other outlets including Yahoo!, PopSugar, Travel and Leisure among many others. Wendy‘s photographs have also been featured in numerous exhibitions and shows across the country and have even earned her accolades. Wendy also has over 25 years of marketing, PR and management experience. She’s also switched careers several times serving as the president of Vendeloo, a consultancy she founded in 2001, working as the Chief Brand Officer of a NYC-based global eyewear brand and owner of a bar in Manhattan.

So, in the interview we discuss, how did she decide to go to North Korea? Why, really? What were her expectations going into the country and were they met? Would she recommend you and I go to North Korea and if so, what should we take with us? Wendy is also an entrepreneur. We transition nicely to talk about money. We talk about learning about money as she lived in a neighborhood that was pretty wealthy. Why she says she doesn’t really think about money. She doesn’t want to think about money and her number one financial failure, which perhaps not surprisingly, involved the stock market.

If you’d like to learn more about Wendy visit her website wendysimmons.com or follow her on Twitter @WendySimmons or Instagram @WendyESimmons.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “The more you put into the universe, the more it comes back to you. You have to make a habit of giving.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Elizabeth

    Hi Farnoosh! I love [love, love, LOVE] your podcast, but hearing Wendy Simmons say that she thought North Korea would be “funny” and that she “doesn’t usually do research” before she travels just completely blew my mind. How can anyone not have at least a slight understanding about the realities of the situation there? The flippancy with which she discussed the place frankly brought up a larger issue: that Americans are so ignorant about the rest of the world. North Korea does not exist to satisfy the thrills of the Wendy Simmons of the world. As an American woman, myself (who reads the news), I was really hoping for a more insightful discussion of this county.