Scott McGillivray

Host of HGTV's Income Property

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Today’s guest is a skilled contractor and award-winning TV host and executive producer on the HGTV/DIY hit series Income Property. Scott McGillivray has a passion in educating homeowners to make smart renovation and investment decisions that deliver financial rewards. Most recently, Scott has partnered with Owners.com, a newly launched real estate buying and selling service. You might recognize Scott because he frequently appears as an expert on morning and daytime shows and has appeared in various publications such as Forbes, USA Today and People among others.

With Scott, we discuss how to really invest in real estate to win. How to create, what he calls, “under market deals.” He would know because he’s invested in over 100 properties. We also talk talk about what are some inexpensive ways to raise the value of your home by Friday? Like really, some quick, quick, cheap ways to do it, especially if you’re already in the market to sell your home and you have an open house coming up. What are some tricks you can play to get people to really make a good offer. Plus do you know what’s the best day of the week to buy a home (yes, this exists)? He gets that specific. And, the time Scott bought over 30 homes in one day… was that a So Money moment or a total fail?

If you’d like to learn more about Scott, visit his website scottmcgillivray.com or follow him on Twitter @smcgillivray.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Luck has very little to do with success. Most successful people would argue that they were mainly unlucky.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Rebecca E. Starr

    Hey Farnoosh, as always, I love listening to your podcast. Today, however, I was taken aback when you made a comment about Detroit with your guest. It sounded as though you thought Detroit was the only place to find inexpensive housing for a great deal. I would just suggest that the city of Detroit is in the midst of incredible renewal and rejuvenation. There are many investors, entrepreneurs, and regular folks who are putting considerable time and effort into revitalizing the city. It is a wonderful place to be and visit right now and some of the initiatives are being duplicated in cities all over the world. Just wanted to make sure you knew that Detroit is a great city and shouldn’t be lumped in with the idea that it is an abandoned land. Please interview some of the people working in the trenches here! Dan Gilbert would be a great start! We are all working hard to educate the world about the opportunities here! Thanks for your consideration and keep up the great work!