Patrice Washington

Steve Harvey's Money Maven

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Today’s guest is Steve Harvey’s Money Maven. Since 2003, Patrice C. Washington has dedicated herself to helping the masses move away from debt to mastering their money…and she knows how to do this first hand. She was $2 million in debt not too long ago.  Patrice is a featured columnist, television commentator, radio host, author, speaker and leading authority on personal finance for women and youth. To say she is accomplished is an understatement. Each week, over 8 million listeners tune in to hear her “Real Money Answers” segment on the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show.

In our interview we discuss how Patrice amassed $2 million in debt and how she dug her way out of that massive hole, emotionally and practically. Also, I want to know how did Patrice become the Steve Harvey Money Maven?

If you’d like to learn more about Patrice visit her website realmoneyanswers.com or follow her on Twitter @SeekWisdomPCW.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I don’t let my past financial failures dictate my future.” – Click To Tweet

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  • This was a great episode thanks for having Patrice on. Very unique story.

  • Dwan McElroy

    Hi Patrice I loved the interview and your Podcast continue to keep me informed I will share on my FBP. Continued blessing upon you and your family. Note I love the analogy used about talking to yourself to stay positive and speaking things into exists, I use that same analogy and it really works.

    Dwan McElroy

  • great episode…But it sounds like she was one of the realtors/brokers that pushed unqualified people into subprime loans and over priced homes. If she did, I think it just adds to her great story and how she could turn that around.