Victoria Reitano

Digital Marketing Expert

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I am very honored to dedicate this entire week to So Money millennials. We’ve done this before and it was very successful looking at some of the most remarkable young people in this country as they manage their money, careers and find their purpose in life. So, back by popular demand, we’re dedicating this entire week to those of us born in 1980 or after. For months, I have been searching and this week we have an incredible line up for you.

Today, we have a young woman that I met about eight years ago. She had just graduated from college, had stars in her eyes and she reached out and said, “Hey, remember me?” Of course, I did.

Victoria Reitano is now the CEO and lead consultant at her own company, CreatiVix Media, a digital agency based in New York City. It’s dedicated to making social media manageable for all. Her nickname is “Vix.” The two of us actually met during one of my talks at Time Inc. way back when. So hear us catch up, how she transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurship and how she’s earning six figures, all before the age of 30.

For more information about Victoria visit her websites http://creativixmedia.com and http://dominatedigitalmedia.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Vixinthecity.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Successful people are selfish in the right way. You have to choose yourself & your priorities to move forward.” – Click To Tweet

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  • Joe Koss

    Happy birthday Farnoosh! Great way to kick off the week with such a great guest and story for Millennial Week! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for all of us the rest of the week.