Clay Clark

Serial Entrepreneur

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Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur and has been dubbed the “Jim Carey of Entrepreneurship” (we’re going to learn why on this episode). Clay Clark is the former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year. He’s the founder of the online business mentorship site, Thrive15.com.

It all started with him starting and running nine businesses. He’s also the author of four books including,”Thrive: How to Take Control of Your Destiny and Move Beyond Surviving… Now.” Clay is also the speaker of choice for Hewlett-Packard and several of America’s biggest companies.

In our conversation, we discover what motivates him. He is nonstop. He is extremely high energy. He’s very accomplished, very goal oriented, so, what motivates him? How he’s scaling his business with Thrive15.com. Plus, his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, how to once and for all start that business you’ve always wanted to start.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Every year, my goal changes but I think we always have to have a big, big goal that we’re chasing.” – Click To Tweet

If you’d like to learn more about Clay Clark visit his website www.thrive15.com or follow him on Twitter @TheClayClark.

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