Jim Cramer (Replay)

Co-Founder of TheStreet.com & Host of Mad Money

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Today we’re going to give you a great re-run before heading into the Christmas holiday. Our guest says he doesn’t like talking about personal wealth. He reveals this late in our interview, which kind of shocked me and made feel a bit bad because here I am digging into his personal finances. But he graciously makes an exception for us. My former boss and mentor Jim Cramer, co-founder of TheStreet.com and host of Mad Money on CNBC is on the show.

We catch up on old times, chat about how and where he’s investing his money today, how he overcomes criticism and that time he got swindled by a friend…millions of dollars!

If you’d like to learn more about Jim Cramer visit his websiteswww.cnbc.com/mad-money and www.thestreet.com or follow him on Twitter @JimCramer.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Make sure you have a network of friends as you get older. It’s really important. They’re hard to come by.” – Click to Tweet

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