Adrienne Dorison

Success Coach & Host of The School of Self Mastery Podcast

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When I set out to start this podcast, I wanted to create a show where successful people could share their stories and advice through an open conversation about money, and hopefully inspire the listeners that they can do it too. My guest today, Adrienne Dorison has that same goal in mind in her business. Adrienne has created a 10 session and a VIP Intensive program to create your “Rich Life,” which she defines as all about self-mastery to reach your highest potential, creating freedom, financial success and lasting fulfillment. In this program, you receive coaching sessions, online support, access to her mastermind group of entrepreneurs and much more.

A little more about Adrienne…she paid off $45K of student debt in just 6 months, has had a career at a prestigious Fortune 500 company, and is an accomplished athlete – she has even won a long distance triathlon!

Takeaways from our interview…

  • We begin by discussing her debt. How she managed to erase a five-figure debt loan in half a year’s time.
  • How Adrienne grew her coaching business on the side while working her 9 to 5.
  • Her “confusing” childhood, as she puts it…and the lessons it taught her.

If you would like to learn more about Adrienne Dorison, visit her website www.adriennedorison.com or follow her on Twitter @AdrienneDorison.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “It doesn’t matter how much you make, if you’re not able to manage it.” – Click to Tweet

  • Colin

    I thought the credit discussion was a bit baffling. I totally agree with not letting your credit score affect your self esteem, but not even knowing what it is, or what is on your credit report seems like willful ignorance. As a real estate investor, my mind was especially blown when she said she and her fiancee were interested in real-estate investing shortly after the credit discussion. How does she plan to invest in real estate without credit?

    • Great question, Colin! I follow Adrienne, and while I don’t know her personally, I know that her business is wildly successful, even though she’s still in her first year. My guess is that she’s saving up to invest in real estate with cash. It most definitely is possible to invest in real estate without credit, and my husband and I plan to use cash to invest in real estate in the future, as well.

    • Hi Colin! I appreciate the comments and agree that not knowing credit scores is ignorance. I DO know my credit score, and it’s not half bad anymore (although likely getting worse by the day since not having any forms of debt doesn’t help build your credit — this is what I don’t love about the FICO system, I could be a millionaire, but if I have no credit cards or any debt, my score will eventually become very poor). I know my score, but it no longer controls how I feel about myself. I felt really embarrassed previously for having poor credit, but now realize that doesn’t define me.

      As for real estate – Monica has responded perfectly in line with my intentions below. We plan to invest with cash, and we’re on track to be able to do so within the next two years. I do understand that many people use credit to invest, but that’s not my goal at this point.

      Thank you for listening and for the comments!