Shannon McLay

Founder of The Financial Gym & Financially Blonde Blogger

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Today’s guest has a really interesting story and is a woman after my own heart, helping young professionals navigate debt while teaching financial independence and what it means to be “financially fit.” Shannon McLay is a financial planner who left a stable job at a traditional financial services firm to start her own company, The Financial Gym. She felt that all traditional financial services firms did not offer the proper tools or resources to help young people in their 20s and 30s who are looking to build assets while also managing debt. Shannon believes that the key to long-term personal financial success is commitment to financial fitness and making smart financial choices. Well, amen to that! Through her company, Financially Blonde blog, her first book, “Train Your Way To Financial Fitness” and podcast, Martinis and Your Money, Shannon is covering all platforms so that financial fitness can be fun, easy and accessible to everyone! You can tune into her podcast every Friday to hear more from her.

Three takeaways from our interview today include:

  • The risks she took to leaver her job at Merrill Lynch and start her own company.
  • How she’s going about raising capital to grow her financial planning business. As she says she’d like to someday like to do for the financial planning world what H&R Block has done for accounting services.
  • How to win a free SIGNED copy of Shannon’s book “Train Your Way to Financial Fitness.” Shannon is giving away 5!

If you’d like to learn more about Shannon McLay, visit her blog www.financially-blonde.com or her website www.shannonmclay.com and follow her on Twitter @TheShannonMcLay.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “When you have specific goals, you have more financial success.” – Click to Tweet

  • J Sparks

    Awesome and very catchy way to make people relax and have fun while getting financially fit. Great episode

    • Shannon

      Thank you so much for listening!

  • Linda

    A genuinely helpful and insightful guest. I’ve already subscribed to Shannon’s podcast! So grateful for the So Money Podcast and all the great financial energy Farnoosh and her guests bring.

    • Shannon

      Thank you for listening today and for subscribing to my podcast! I hope you love listening to it as much as I love making it.

  • Claude

    Farnoosh I have been listening to your podcast for quite a while now. Thank you for all the great guests Shannon and the knowledge that is being imparted. I’m suscribing to Shannon’s podcast as we speak. Thank you to you both for all that you do and keep up the good work.

    • Shannon

      Thank you for listening today and subscribing to my podcast!

  • Robert Kanterman

    Excellent podcast. I have long believed in the connection between financial and physical fitness. Ms. McLay has a great formula. Well done.

    • Shannon

      I think it’s a great formula too, Robert, and I can’t wait to bring it to the masses! Thank you for listening today!

  • Rachel

    Great podcast! I listen every morning. I love Happy Hour on Martinis and your Money. I feel young women have a chance to see the path of financial success through the stories. Keep it up!

    • Shannon

      I love happy hours too and specifically want to empower young women with their finances. Thank you for listening today!

  • Barbara Orlet

    Wonderful podcast!!! Shannon is spot on with all her ideas.

    • Shannon

      Thank you for listening Barbara!

  • Zoraida Cespedes

    Shannon’s way of thinking when it comes to finances is refreshing. Great podcast.

    • Shannon

      Thank you for listening Zoraida! I loved getting the chance to chat with Farnoosh and share my thoughts.

  • Joe Koss

    Love the approach that is no so cookie cutter. I like that it is personal and not just about having a large sum of money or fitting a set amount of money before the company will talk with you.

    • Shannon

      Personal finance should definitely not be cookie cutter especially because we are all unique. I am looking forward to making this change more widespread. Thank you for listening!

      • Joe Koss

        Absolutely and why I am excited to see how the Financial Gym will go for you and your clients success. Even though I am not in the NYC area, I would really like to know how this works for not only the client but the “gym trainer”

  • Kristen Martin

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I’m pretty new to the So Money family and hearing Shannon’s point of view and reference to thinking about my finances like I train at the gym is very interesting and applicable. My biggest issue has been not being mindful about my money. While I know the costs of my food at the grocery and the interest rates on my credit cards, etc, I just need to become more actively engaged in the process and not just think about it like a passive, boring task. I can’t just do all the work to outline my financial goals and not actively change anything I’m doing – Just like I can’t say I want to lose 7 lbs and keep eating out 4x a week. It seems SO simple, but more of a mindset change that I need to make.

    • Shannon

      You bring up a great point Kristen, there are so many areas in our financial lives where we become passive and when we become more active, we bring about the changes we need and deserve. Good luck with your journey to financial fitness!

  • Kelly pica

    very excited about this particular episode–I have a new resource and a new podcast to subscribe to! Thank you Farnoosh!

    • Shannon

      Thank you so much for listening today and subscribing to my podcast!

  • Such an interesting episode! I’m a millennial and I love hearing about people who are revolutionizing things that might have been done a certain way in the past – times are changing!

    Looking forward to checking out Shannon’s podcast!

    • Shannon

      Times are definitely changing Elizabeth and I’m glad you’re supportive of it!

  • Sriti K Srivastava

    Interesting podcasts. Cannot for Q&A episode this weekend. Going to check out online classes too !!!

    • Shannon

      Thank you so much for listening today!

  • reneed

    I loved this episode with farnoosh and shannon. Her story is really cool and I will be a follower of her podcast as well. keep up the great work farnoosh cant wait for the money and martinis podcast!

    • Shannon

      Thank you so much for listening and checking out my podcast!

  • Aubrey Railsback

    I like the approach of being mindful. I made a mindful decision today; I am a transfer student to Sacramento State University, Ca and i decided to align my fall schedule in a way that is going to reduce my driving and therefore helping me to save on a substantial amount of gas.

    • Shannon

      Great mindful decision Aubrey!!

  • Rocio Baeza

    Loved this episode. I just subscribed to Shannon’s podcast and looking forward to adding her to my daily routine. The concept of financial fitness resonated with me. Thank you ladies for the entertaining and educational episode!!

    • Shannon

      Thank you for listening and subscribing to my podcast!!

  • Great episode! Thank you Shannon for providing a much needed service to those with less income. I was in a situation where I had money that I wanted to do something with, but because it wasn’t enough for the old, stodgy finance world to get excited about I ended up leaving it in a savings account. I made my way over to your blog, and intend to make you a part of my personal finance boot camp regimen.

  • Maree

    I loved this episode!!! Thank you Shannon for providing an affordable service for people to help out with their finances. I loved the part where you had mentioned to be “mindful with your money” as this does play a big part in financial decisions.
    Also the concept with bringing in the “gym” as well, made me think that this is a work in progress, and you have to be willing to work on your finances like you have to be willing to exercise. I loved that, thank you once again Farnoosh and Shannon ! 🙂