Julie Parker

Founder & CEO, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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Today’s guest is coming to us all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Her name is Julie Parker, and she is one of Australia’s foremost life and business coaches and trainers. Julie is a self-made woman. She was raised by a single mother on welfare, she started her career as a social worker earning, she says, just above the minimum wage. And since then she has become a life coach, and has really grown a very, very successful business. She has had 16 years of experience in coaching, and has inspired hundreds of clients and thousands of people.

In 2014 she started her own company called “The Beautiful You Coaching Academy”, and it has quickly grown into a $500,000 per year business. Julie has also appeared in Daily Wealth, Elle Magazine, Cosmo, and Vogue and is also a TEDx speaker and published author, and she also publishes a magazine – an online magazine – called “Inspired Coach”. She was really, really kind and generous and she reached out to me a few months ago, several months ago, and asked me to be in the magazine, and she put me on the cover! I’ve never been on the cover of anything! And this was such an honor, so I wanted to bring her on the show, not just to pay her back in some way, but really to put a spotlight on her because she is up to some amazing things and people need to know more about her.

Several takeaways:

  • The most pivotal money memory in Julie’s life growing up. It was kind of a sad experience at the time, but definitely helped her become the incredible woman that she is today.
  • How being generous has helped her grow her business.
  • And speaking of growing the business, we discuss that time Julie earned over six-figures in one day. Yep! Julie’s a testament that it is more than possible to change your money genes and lineage, while also having a career focused on helping others.

If you would like to learn more about Julie Parker, visit her website www.beautifulyoucoachingacademy.com or follow her on Twitter @_julieparker.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “I love money, and use it in a way to serve people and help them create an amazing life.” – Click to Tweet

  • Julie Parker

    Thank you so much for featuring me as a guest Farnoosh. I loved talking with you and big cheers to your interviewing skills for getting me to open up about something so personal. I hope it is really helpful for someone.

  • dollybelle

    What a gorgeous, real point of view! I enjoyed Julie Parker so much! Thank you for this beautiful interview with this wonderful heart centered entrepreneur.

  • Caroline

    So beautiful and inspiring, thanks Julie for such honesty and inspiration!!!

  • Oh I love this interview with the beautiful and inspiring Julie. Thank you for sharing. x

  • It is such a treat to hear two intelligent, successful, down-to-earth women talking about money in exactly the same way. Thank you, Julie, for your vulnerability, your raw honesty, and your ever-uplifting outlook. You are such an inspiration in so many ways!