Nicole Lapin

Author, Rich Bitch

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Have you ever felt or currently feel confused by all the financial concepts out there – IRAs, index funds, inflation, etc. Well today’s guest totally shared these insecurities. In fact, she says that her boyfriend broke up with her because she was not able to keep up with the “money talk” amongst his Wall Street friends.

Fast forward a decade later, she has become a much admired financial journalist and a money expert. In addition to having worked as a business anchor at CNN and CNBC, she has contributed to MSNBC and TODAY show and served as a business anchor for Bloomberg Television. She now owns her own productions company and is the money correspondent for The Wendy Williams Show and The Insider. Today’s guest is Nicole Lapin. She’s just launched a new book called Rich Bitch… a 12-Step Plan in which she shares her experiences—mistakes and all—of getting her own finances in order. Money is typically an “off limits” conversation, but she says, nothing is off limits in her book.

Three takeaways from our interview:

  • Why and how Nicole got herself into debt…and back on her feet.
  • What made her leave a cushy job at CNBC and launch her own company
  • THE #1 question we should always be ready to answer

If you’d like to learn more about Nicole Lapin, head over to nicolelapin.com or follow her on Twitter @nicolelapin. And definitely check out Nicole’s new book Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together.

My favorite quote from this interview: “You don’t need to be a mathematician to get your financial life together” – click to tweet