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Should I lease a car? What should my net worth be? What medical marijuana companies are hot? I have a ton of money, so should I pay of my student loans or invest? Today’s Ask Farnoosh questions run the gamut!

Tori asks:

I work in a job I hate, but will need to pay my company a buy out fee if I leave my contract early. It’s equivalent to 4-weeks of pay plus moving expenses they gave me. I have been saving about 10% of my take home each week in my savings account so that I can afford the buy out in November, but am wondering whether I should be putting my money elsewhere – like a CD or in stocks – to make it grow faster?

Collin asks:

I just started listening to your podcast and am enjoying it a lot so far. I’ve recently started to decide investing and am learning a lot.

I have an outstanding student loan, and I’ve been paying more than the necessary monthly payment for over two years.  I also have at least three times the amount of the student loan in cash that I’m looking to invest. Would it be a better strategy to immediately pay down the student loan, with some of my cash or to continue making monthly payments and investing all of it? For my first investments I’m looking at low-cost index funds through Vanguard.

Alonso asks:

I was hoping you could comment on stocks of medical marijuana companies. Medicinal marijuana seems to be a growing industry and I’d like to invest, but I’m not sure where.

Nicole asks:

Good Morning Farnoosh, it’s Tom’s  older and wiser sister Nicole 🙂 He turned me onto your site and I’m completely obsessed with your Podcasts – and have recommended you to my girlfriends at work. Onto my question! My husband leases a car and as someone who has always been scared by leasing, I fear I’m biased as to whether or not it’s smart to do so. My question is this – he is still in his lease agreement and has gone over his miles. I’m nervous about the financial implication of this. He believes he’ll just buy the car, but looking ahead to the future, should leasing be something we avoid? Thank you SO much for these podcasts!


How much net worth should I have for my age and income? Is there a chart somewhere or an equation to help me figure out if I’m doing ok?

  • dek

    Really not a fan of the idea of a chart that shows where you “should” be for net worth. Here’s why:

    1). As mentioned, goals play into it. This is related to the question about cars — some people are fine with a car that is older (and more affordable), where-as other people “need” a newer model. The same applies for housing, wardrobe, etc. Strive to meet YOUR goals, which determine your financial needs.

    2). We’re all driven by different passions and interests, and, unfortunately, our economic system rewards these passions and interests at different income levels. Far better to earn less but work a job you love than spend your working life in a job you hate just so you can be at the “appropriate” level of net worth.

    3). Ideas that boost income can come from surprising places, and good ideas can fail for reasons outside of our control. Listen to earlier interviews. People who are worth millions now were near penniless at other times in their lives. I don’t think their net worth followed a linear model based on our normative assumptions of how much we “should” be worth at a given moment.

    Work hard, think creatively, and act intelligently. Don’t worry about where you “should” be — worry about where you want to be (and whether your goals are sensible and realistic), and then figure out how to get there.