Pat Kiernan

Morning Anchor, NY1 News

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Today’s guest is a New York City icon… He is, for millions of the City residents, the first person they often hear after waking up in the morning.

Pat Kiernan is the morning news anchor at NY1 News, the most beloved anchor in The Big Apple and well known for his “In the Papers” feature, where he summarizes the content from the New York City’s daily newspapers. AND – for those of you not in New York City –Pat’s expanded his reach by creating a website patspapers.com, which delivers each weekday morning a curated summary of his favorite news stories across the United States.

Pat and I met about 12 years ago at NY1, where I worked as a producer following graduate school! He has been such a great role model and I’m just so excited and honored to have him on the show.

A few key takeaways from our interview:

— How Pat stays competitive and creates better job security for himself

— His best secret for saving a fortune on staples and groceries

— A practical habit he developed to find opportunities in real estate investing that produce 10-30% better returns

— And…I love this: What it’s like to co-host with Kelly Ripa. Pat was actually a finalist when they were looking for someone to replace Regis Philbin. Nice!

If you’d like to learn more about Pat Kiernan, visit his website www.patspapers.com and follow him on Twitter @patkiernan.

Our favorite quote from this interview: “The best advantage in real estate investing is knowing something that not everyone knows.” – click to tweet