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In the latest installment of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your questions related to paying off a mortgage, managing money in a relationship, retirement savings and managing a windfall. Questions listed below.

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Which is better? Paying off a 3.87% mortgage or otherwise using the cash to invest in something paying more percentage wise?


My boyfriend and I have plans to live together within 6 months in NYC. I have a well-paid full time corporate job and he is starting a PhD program that will last about 5 years with a stipend that is significantly less than my salary. How should we split up the bills? Is there a benefit to entering a domestic partnership? Thanks!


I am worried. I am 59 have $100,000 save for retirement due to being a single parent. I am now saving 12 percent of my salary which is $73K per yr.  My company has a 5 percent match. I would like to retire at 66 or 68 what do I need to do to make this possible ?


At the MOST basic level, where/how should I begin to invest?


I’m 44, Just found out I have 25k pension from job I was laid-off from in 2002. They’re offering me to rollover, cash out or leave it. I have about $11k cc debt, 1/2 of which is at 24.99% interest! I think I should  rollover some and use some to pay off that debt. What do you think?


  • JPinDC

    Hi Farnoosh, I just found your podcast (voted one of the top financial podcasts), and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them. I found your answer for JR in this episode to be concerning. If you feel that your “boring” method of investing in index funds (how many of your esteemed guests and I myself choose to invest) is best for you, why wouldn’t you suggest and elaborate on that? A recommendation to learn more about companies so that JR could pick stocks seemed like an irresponsible recommendation, but perhaps I’m missing something. Is there a reason you didn’t suggest starting with low-cost index funds, which have been shown to out-perform stock-pickers and money managers alike? I’m really enjoying your podcasts as a whole and look forward to hearing more. Best, Jamie