Amanda Steinberg

Founder of DailyWorth.com

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If you’re a woman seeking more financial guidance, inspiration and a supportive community, you’ll love today’s episode. We have the founder and CEO of DailyWorth.com the web’s premiere financial media company for women – Amanda Steinberg. She launched the company in 2009 while pregnant with her second child. She went from being a computer programmer to building a powerful business that makes an extraordinary social impact. People told her she was nuts for venturing out on her own. And here we are years later, the site’s surpassed one million e-mail subscribers. Web traffic is about to hit 2 million this month. Well done, Amanda. I am privileged to write for DailyWorth and thank Amanda and the team for inviting me on board as a senior writer.

Three takeaways from this interview:

— Amanda’s favorite financial habit that helps her have more money clarity?

— How a $90,000 tax bill changed her life… for the better!

— And the crazy social conditioning that sometimes keeps women from reaching their financial potential.

If you’d like to learn more about Amanda Steinberg, please visit www.DailyWorth.com and follow her on Twitter @AmandaSteinberg.

Our favorite quote from the interview: “Money should be a source of freedom choices in our lives, not anxiety” – click to tweet

  • Garry Mullins

    This podcast was a great listen, even for a guy! It definitely made me aware that I need to involve my future wife in the finances (especially investing). I likely would have anyway, since it’s my nature, but now I’m much more aware of its importance. Team-effort!