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Deepa Purushothaman

National Managing Director of Deloitte's Women's Initiative

“We’re starting to see a lot of the issues that used to affect women are now affecting men as well… In order to make the next level or wave of change, you absolutely need to have men be part of that conversation. Not only for them, but also so they can help progress and pave the way for more women.”


Nicole Lapin

Author of "Boss Bitch"

“[In the book] I speak in the same way I would talk to you or any of my friends. Not as some holier than thou person but as somebody who knows a bunch but is also still figuring it out. I also talk a lot about my failures. Those are my most favorite things to talk about.”


Ilana Levine

Host of Little Known Facts Podcast

“I have had times where I have made a lot of money and times where I’ve not made a lot of money. What I realized is I can be happy either way when I am surrounded by people that I love…Once you know you can be okay without, everything is easier.”


Leanne Jacobs

Author of "Beautiful Money"

“Our money should not be a different entity. A lot of the disciplines and habits we have with our wellbeing, soul and spirituality should be incorporated in how we handle money and our relationship with money.”


Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

“My husband and I started our marriage with a lot of student loan debt and then we fell into credit card debt. How should we begin to tackle them both?”


Ann Shoket

Author of "The Big Life"

“If you want a life of twists, turns and adventure, and a life that’s full, and you wanna make your mark, you have to chase EVERY opportunity…You have to embrace the mess.”


Vera Gibbons

Financial Journalist

“What I’m trying to do with is step away from the anxiety, the de-fronting that’s going on Facebook and the hatred between political parties. I just want to make things fun, light and interesting…it’s everyday news you can use. No opinion, no bias.”


Jeff Tennery

Founder + CEO of Moonlighting App

“I am dedicated to helping people make money and move their lives forward in a way where they don’t need to rely on a big company or corporation…It’s been hard to do that for a lot of folks and I’m really hoping that we can change that.”